GlowGRP is unique

Made from specially crafted GRP, it is an immensely resilient, durable and lightweight composite product.

In recent years glass fibre has gained recognition for its major benefits over conventional materials in many day-to-day applications and has now been further improved by the introduction of luminescent properties.

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Unique to the safety industry is our new luminous door that GLOWS in the dark when there is a power failure.

Most exits only have a small, basic sign to guide you to a way out. These can be difficult to see especially at times of panic during building evacuation. Imagine if you could see a whole door glowing, clearly showing the exit, you would instantly know which way to go.

The door example, shown above, is designed to look like a normal white exit door under normal working conditions. It only needs natural light or building lights to charge the GRP composite door.

In an emergency where there is no light, the door will shine with a photo-luminous green that can be clearly seen from across the building. These will be the new exits of the future.

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"You HAVE to see it, it really does glow in the dark..."

"I think it could become an industry standard..."

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What our customers are saying when they see our new luminous door that GLOWS in the dark.

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